Ukraine Justice Alliance


Our purpose

The Ukraine Justice Alliance (UJA) is a coalition of lawyers, investigators and communications specialists that have formed an alliance to support the Ukrainian government and its people in response to the invasion of their country by the Russian Federation and the subsequent and ongoing war. Where laws have been broken, the UJA seeks justice and accountability.


What we do


The UJA currently seeks to achieve its purpose in two key ways:


  1.  To provide a platform whereby UJA members can collaborate in developing legal strategies to ensure that those who have broken the law in the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine are held accountable and victims achieve justice.

    UJA members are encouraged to send calls for evidence inviting research contributions from other members to For all such calls, the final research product will be published on the Projects page of our website which will serve as an open-source platform for the public benefit to assist with future claims or legal actions relating to the war in Ukraine. 
  2. To provide a network to connect those undertaking projects and cases that align with the UJA's purpose.  UJA members who require resource should send these proposals to